Southampton 4-2 Norwich (15.03.2014) Live Commentary

It was a good decision to watch today’s encounter. There has been more to be seen on the pitch than in most of the other games. The hosts looked more lively and played better football. The home side’s strategy was to maintain possession and put the opponent out of the game. While the visitors focused more on the defence and to catch the opponent on the break.
The referee blows for the end of today’s match.
Goal! Sam Gallagher (Southampton) finds himself some space inside the box to get on the end of a pass from Steven Davis, and he sends the ball low into the middle of the net. 4:2.
Joseph Yobo (Norwich) attempts to find one of his teammates with a fine lofted pass, but the defence reacts well to intercept the effort. The ball is behind the sideline and Norwich will take a throw-in.
Looks like Dejan Lovren (Southampton) is struggling after picking up a knock. We will see if he can run that off.
It is time for a substitution. Sam Gallagher (Southampton) is on for Jay Rodriguez.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) clips a neat ball into the box in the direction of Nathan Redmond (Norwich), but he can’t get on the end of a pass.
Guly (Southampton) gives away foul for a clumsy challenge. Referee Kevin Friend saw the whole situation.
Flag goes up against Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich). The referee blows the whistle for offside.
Guly (Southampton) gives away foul for his fierce tackle against the opponent.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) is lucky to stand in the way of a rebound. He takes advantage of it and powers the ball inside the right post, leaving the goalkeeper completely helpless.
Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) receives a low pass just outside the box and unleashes a fine strike towards the bottom right corner. Artur Boruc (Southampton) pulls off a reflexive save to block his effort. Nice piece of goalkeeping skill, indeed.
Jose Fonte (Southampton) passes the ball onto James Ward-Prowse (Southampton), but one of the defenders dispossesses him.
Goal! Johan Elmander (Norwich) weaves his way past opponents, and he unleashes a low drive from the edge of the box which goes into the middle of the net, leaving Artur Boruc beaten. The score is 3:1.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) is offside and the linesman raises his flag.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) takes the corner but only sends it into the huddle of the defenders as one of them makes a good clearance.
Rickie Lambert (Southampton) darts into the penalty area to latch on to a pass, and he unleashes a low drive towards the middle of the net, but John Ruddy is alert and denies his effort. Southampton force a corner. They send men into the box.
OFF THE CROSSBAR! Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) runs towards the goal to force his teammate to send him the ball. He receives a fantastic pass and fires from the edge of the box, but it crashes against the crossbar. It could have been a brilliant goal, unlucky. It is going to be a goal kick.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) takes the free kick but it is cleared by the first man.
Jonathan Howson (Norwich) commits a sliding tackle while hitting his opponent’s legs. The referee blows his whistle for infringement. Southampton win a free kick and they are able to continue with another attacking move.
Rickie Lambert (Southampton) produced a chipped pass over the line of the defenders to get the ball to Guly Do Prado (Southampton). His attempt was intercepted with a quick clearance by one of the opponents.
We can have a look at the statistics now, and particularly at total attempts – 16:6.
Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) gives away a free kick. He was holding the opponent, but the referee has a clear vision and immidiately blows his whistle.
Martin Olsson (Norwich) found some space to play in a lofted pass, but it didn’t meet his expactations as none of his teammates managed to connect with it, and thus his effort was in vain.
The assistant referee signals offside, and the main referee confirms his decision. Steven Davis (Southampton) is the one who was caught offside.
A precise low pass is received by Robert Snodgrass (Norwich), who makes a yard for himself on the edge of the box and sends a poorly placed shot that sails well wide of the right post.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) receives a brilliant pass inside the box from Rickie Lambert (Southampton), and he beats the goalkeeper with a low accurate shot into the middle of the goal. He makes it 3:0.
Guly (Southampton) zig-zags his way into the box and drills a low shot towards the middle of the goal, but the goalkeeper shows a great reaction and stops the effort.
Nathaniel Clyne links up with Rickie Lambert (Southampton), who fires just wide of the right post from the edge of the box. Here are some relaxing moments for the players. That will be a goal kick.
The Norwich players are exchanging some short passes.
Substitution. Nathan Redmond (Norwich) on for Anthony Pilkington.
Substitution. Gary Hooper will be replaced by Johan Elmander (Norwich).
The referee stops play so that a substitution can be made and Bradley Johnson goes off the pitch and Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) comes on in his place.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) sends a cross into the box, but the opposition’s defence quickly intercepts the ball.
Anthony Pilkington (Norwich) shows too much aggression while trying to break free from his opponent and the referee blows his whistle for a foul.
The game has come to an end for Gaston Ramirez. He has contributed as much as he could today. He will be replaced by the fresh legs of Guly (Southampton).
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) makes a bad challenge on his opponent and is booked by the referee.
Morgan Schneiderlin (Southampton) gets to the rebound outside the box and doesn’t hesitate to fire on goal. It was a promising attempt, but one of the defending players got in its way and blocked it.
Southampton seem to be finding their feet as they enjoy some possession. Great movement by offensive players allows those more defensive to build up the attack.
Rickie Lambert (Southampton) makes a great solo run and pulls the trigger from inside the box, beating John Ruddy with a strike into the bottom right corner. He makes it 2:0.
The manager has decided to substitute Adam Lallana (Southampton) and he has been replaced by Rickie Lambert (Southampton).
A dangerous towering header by Adam Lallana (Southampton) from around the penalty spot goes just wide of the right post. This corner kick didn’t change the score. It will be a goal kick.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) goes over to take the corner kick and it looks like he will send the ball into the penalty box.
Southampton show off their ball keeping skills as they’re exchanging one-two passes and that is only interrupted when the final pass is intercepted.
Gary Hooper (Norwich) commits a foul after unfairly battling his opponent for the ball.
Southampton keep the ball for several passes as they look for a gap to take advantage of, the opposition defends well and clears the danger.
The resulting corner from James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) is unsuccessful.
A cross which was clipped into the penalty area by James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) didn’t pose any threat, so we’ll have to wait a bit more to see an interesting situation. The assistant referee makes a right call and Southampton will have a corner.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) quickly takes the corner kick with a short pass.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) has an effort from distance and sends the ball towards the right post, but the goalkeeper is equal to it. The ball is out-of-play. Southampton win a corner kick.
A great teamplay by Southampton as they control the ball with a lot of short passes. Patience is the key if they want to find a gap in the defence to score.
Jonathan Howson (Norwich) acted too fiercely in his attempt to get the ball from his opponent and Kevin Friend calls for a foul.
Steven Whittaker (Norwich) sprays a pass out to Gary Hooper (Norwich), but he can’t beat his man inside the box.
Clumsy challenge by Jay Rodriguez (Southampton). The referee blows his whistle, and a free kick is awarded.
Everything is ready for the beginning of the second half, so the match is about to get going again.
We are watching a regular game with only a few moments to ignite the crowds. The players surely have higher capabilities, they just need to motivate themselves to a better performance. The game is quite balanced. The home side display their usual fluent passing, while the visitors use their organization to stop the build up and launch the counter-attack.
The referee blows his whistle for half-time, so nothing more will happen in the first half of this match.
Kevin Friend has a clear vision and sees a foul from Jonathan Howson (Norwich).
Anthony Pilkington (Norwich) can’t be surprised. Good decision by the referee who cooled the situation down. I have seen yellow cards, or worse, given in these situations before.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) takes the corner, but he overhits it and none of his teammates are able to reach the ball. The ball goes out-of-play and Southampton will have a goal kick.
Elliott Bennett (Norwich) releases a long switch ball across the pitch, but it didn’t find its way to the target. Now Norwich with a corner.
Kevin Friend blows his whistle and it is Gaston Ramirez (Southampton) who is penalised for an offensive foul. Good decision by the referee.
The game is interrupted as Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) is flagged for offside.
Luke Shaw (Southampton) and Adam Lallana (Southampton) attempted to exchange little two-yard passes, but the opposition’s defence intercepts the ball.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) fails to deliver a cross from free kick. His attempt is thwarted by the opposition’s defence.
Yellow card. Steven Davis (Southampton) goes into the referee’s book after a bad challenge. Norwich win a free kick.
Close! Gary Hooper (Norwich) picks it up in space and from inside the penalty area sends a shot that sails inches wide of the right post. The ball goes out-of-play. Here is a goal kick.
Anthony Pilkington (Norwich) can’t slip the ball through and the move breaks down.
Kevin Friend blows the whistle, Jonathan Howson (Norwich) is penalised for a foul.
Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) goes on a weaving run through the defence and gets within shooting range but his effort is blocked.
Gary Hooper (Norwich) sends a crossfield pass, but there is nobody to take up the ball and finish. It’s a throw-in for Southampton.
The Norwich players keep the ball and are exchanging a combination of passes. They are waiting for gaps in defence to open up.
This corner is not going into the box. James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) decides to take it with a short pass.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) aims a lovely cross into the penalty area. Nevertheless, the opponent’s defence is alert and averts the danger with a brilliant clearance. The main referee and one of his assistants signal for a corner kick. It will be taken by Southampton.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) is penalised. He knocks an opponent down.
Gaston Ramirez (Southampton) collects a wonderful lead pass and creates some space to smash the ball goalwards from long range. His shot goes painfully wide of the left post!
Good team movement sets up Steven Davis (Southampton) on the edge of the box, but he slices the ball narrowly wide of the right post. A short break for the players as the play will restart with a goal kick.
Jonathan Howson (Norwich) sends the ball into the box from the side of the pitch, but his cross is blocked. The assistant referee signals a throw-in for Norwich.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) seems to have picked up a minor injury, but it looks like he will be able to continue playing.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Neat passing move from Southampton in order to create new attacking opportunities.
What an opportunity! Steven Davis (Southampton) leaps high to meet a beautiful cross into the box from the resulting free kick, and he plants a header from near the penalty spot which goes a whisker wide of the right post.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) is penalised for tripping, a poor challenge. Kevin Friend, blowing his whistle for a foul, makes it clear he won’t tolerate such behaviour. Southampton are awarded a free kick from a dangerous position.
Goal! Morgan Schneiderlin (Southampton) finds himself some space inside the box to get on the end of a pass from Gaston Ramirez, and he sends the ball into the bottom left corner. 1:0.
Adam Lallana (Southampton) takes a first-time shot from the edge of the box, but his effort is well blocked by the defender.
Gaston Ramirez (Southampton) connects with the corner kick around the penalty spot, but he steers his header inches over the bar. The play will be restarted with a goal kick.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) will deliver the ball into the penalty box from a corner kick.
Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked.
The first half has just begun.
Both teams starting lineups are available now, so you can have a look at them.
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Kevin Friend is the one to supervise the game today.
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