Favorite game Twente in Utrecht. Paper calculations confirm?

Step number three Eredivisie match ends with Twente – Utrecht match that will take place Grolsch Veste Stadium starting at 15:30.

– 5th place with 4 points accumulated, and victory in the previous round, 4-1 Feyenoord’s ground, giving them high hopes supporters, who hope for a dream season.
– Serb Dusan Tadic made a good match, managed two goals and plenty of spectacular stages, attacking midfielder is definitely the next Dutch export product
– Coach Marcel Jansen can not count this match Wout Brama and the Schindler Robbert;
– Kyle Embicilio transferred this summer from Arsenal was perfectly integrated to the new team and promises to ” explode ” this season;

– Has only one point in two stages leaked, although opponents were poorly rated, so is urgent need of a positive result;
– Coach Jan Wouters can not count on Edouard Duplan, Adam Sarota and Cedric van der Gun, all three injured for longer periods of time;
– He had the match in Groningen not less than 20 clear opportunities gate, but not even one exploited. In these conditions, Wouters will make changes in the offensive department and in its place will appear Kogel de Ridder;